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  Mission Statement

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.


  The next election is the State-Wide California Gubernatorial Primary in June 5, 2018.

Register to Vote  

Any eligible Californian who has access to the Internet and a California drivers license or ID signature on file with the DMV can now register to vote on-line. 





Organizers of the Inland Empire's Women's March estimate this year's turnout at more than 5,000.  See pictures of the march at Rise Up California.





City of Riverside Invites Development of the FY 2018-2020 Budget






Public Policy





California State June 2018 Ballot Measures

The LWVC board has final positions on the state measures scheduled for the June ballot.

Here’s a quick summary of the League position on each measure.




California Schools and Local Community Funding Act


Big News! After almost 40 years, the LWVC is seizing the moment to close the corporate loophole in Proposition 13 that keeps too many companies from paying their fair share.
The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018 will create a “split roll”; non-residential, non-agricultural commercial property will be reassessed on a regular basis. This will lead to an estimated increase in property tax of over $11 billion per year—revenue that will go directly to schools and local governments.

We hope you will join us in restoring billions of dollars to our schools and communities.



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'Election Integrity' Commission Dissolved


Our voting rights experienced a great victory at the beginning of January when President Trump (at long, long last) shut down his discredited ‘Election Integrity’ Commission.


SCOTUS Hears Voter Purge Case


The Supreme Court heard arguments in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI), Ohio’s voter purge case. The League filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs last year.  The brief states it is unreasonable and unlawful to infer that a voter moved, or is otherwise ineligible to vote, because he or she didn't vote in the last federal election.


Anti-Gerrymandering Wins Across the Nation


The League of North Carolina celebrated an exciting victory when courts struck down the state’s congressional districts as partisan gerrymanders  and, just two weekslater, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the state’s gerrymandered congressional districts and ordered new maps to be drawn by February 9th. We are thrilled at the decision of the PA Supreme Court!



Membership with Riverside's League of Women Voters

All the good work we do is largely supported by membership dues: non-partisan voter education publications and websites, candidate forums, voter registration drives, and advocacy for equitable public policies at the national, state and local level.

Be a part of making democracy work.

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About Us

The League's purpose is to encourage citizens to take part in their government. 

The League is interested in helping citizens become more informed and learn the many ways to influence government on state, national and local levels.

The League is a non-partisan organization that believes responsible government should be resposive to the will of the people, mindful that a democratic government depends on the informed and active participation of its citizens.

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News and Events

League of Women Voters Riverside holds Board Meetings from August through May on the second Thursday of the month at  10:00 am.  Please contact us for more details.  Our next Board Meeting is Thursday, February 8, 2018

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Join the League and you will...

  • be a member of the local, state and national League;
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  • foster dialogue on issues you care about;
  • ensure ALL votes are counted and ALL voices are heard;
  • preserve our constitutional rights;
  • stay informed via extensive League resources;
  • or simply know that your support adds to our grassroots strength and our financial resources, making democracy work!

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